Rugby’s Caring Hands – Bequest Programme

Why leave us a gift in your will?

If you are reading this, it may be that we are a cause that you care about and you are considered investing in our future financial well-being by leaving a lasting legacy. Thank you! As a potential donor, we ask that you will allow us to be the vehicle through which you can make a significant mark, in the form of a gift that leaves the world a better place. Since our organisation started in 1980 and the many years since then, our organisation has exhibited staying power. We have helped over 500 rugby players who have sustained life-changing injuries on the rugby field. We will continue to be their life-line when they face the many challenges a person living with a disability and mobility impairment encounters. Coming to terms with their “new normal” is bigger than one thinks and often a daunting task – partnering them on their journey is what we do.

Thank you for considering assisting us to keep doing this in years to come! Did you know that bequests to charitable institutions are also exempt from estate duty. If your estate value is more than three and a half million rand, there may be a savings in the amount of estate duty payable. We recommend you consult an attorney to draw up a will or have an existing one updated.

What will your gift be used for?

  • Your gift will provide equipment such a manual and powered wheelchairs to our recipients who are mobility impaired
  • Your gift will help with the ongoing maintenance of this equipment and other equipment that they might need
  • Your gift will help to make the homes of our recipients more accessible and wheelchair friendly
  • Your gift will help our recipients to realise their dreams with further education and training, the goal being to emerge as productive members and leaders on their communities
  • Your gift will extend beyond the basic needs provided by sponsorship and will go toward other urgent and pressing issues.

How to leave a gift in your will?

Drawing up a will is the only way you can be sure your wishes will be followed after you die. A clear and well prepared will, also means less uncertainty and heartache for your loved ones in their time of grief. If you don’t have a will, part or all of your estate may end up going to people you never intended to benefit, because the law will dictate how your estate is distributed. Your will acts as a clear explanation of your intentions and ensures they are carried out. First you need to decide what type of gift you would like to leave and ensure you use the correct wording when updated an existing will. You may decide to update your Will using a codicil. Below are the different types that you can download depending on your preference:

  • Residuary Legacy – a gift of the remainder of your estate, or a percentage, this is after all other legacies have been made and debts have been cleared.
  • Monetary Legacy – You can also choose to leave a specific sum of money, also known as a pecuniary gift, which you can arrange to be increased in line with inflation.
  • Asset Legacy – This is the gift of something valuable like a property, a piece of jewellery or stocks and shares.

Bequest Programme Charter

  1. We are committed to making a difference to our rugby heroes in South Africa, who have sustained life changing and disabling injuries whilst playing rugby
  2. Even through you will not be around to monitor our actions – as a respected organisation in South Africa and the sporting arena, we ask you to trust us to use your gifts wisely and cost effectively
  3. We encourage donors to leave a gift in their will to the Players’ Fund, we do however recognise that it’s your decision and one that you need to make when you are ready and in your own time
  4. We will always respect your privacy, as we appreciate that your will is a personal decision
  5. We recognise that you have the right to change your will at any time and in any way
  6. You can communicate with us on your intention to leave a gift but are under no obligation to do so
  7. We will continue to recognise and treat your legacy gift as your ongoing commitment to secure the future of the Players’ Fund