Following a freak accident on the rugby field on 29 June, 23 year old Lifa Hlongwa sustained a serious spinal cord injury which left him with a challenging road of recovery in front of him! Since being told that it would be unlikely that he would walk again post-injury, the KZN rugby community has showed Lifa and his family phenomenal compassion and humanity, increasing the chances of a promising road of recovery ahead.

As Lifa sustained his injury while playing rugby, he automatically became a member of the Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players’ Fund. A non-profit organisation which supports seriously injured rugby players in SA who suffer life changing injuries on the field. There are currently 107 players/recipients on the Players’ Fund’s books and these former players are from all walks of life demonstrating that these injuries can happen at any level of the game!

Since Lifa’s injury, all who have met him have been astounded by the perseverance and positivity that he has displayed, which, in turn has helped open many doors for him. This has maximised his rehabilitation opportunities with LIFE Health Care Entabeni sponsoring 12 weeks of immediate specialised rehabilitation which would have cost in the region of R300K, as well as the Sharks who have sponsored his out-patient rehab of physiotherapy and biokinetics workouts until the end of 2017. There have also been medical specialists and medical service providers as well as individuals who have been compelled to assist this inspirational young man during his road to recovery.

While Lifa’s story has just begun, a testament to his character is his desire to help others’ who have, or who might still face the same challenges as he has. This has led to the launching of a crowd-fund which has been set up on It is an easy-to-use platform which allows potential donors to contribute to the Players’ Fund charity online with only a few simple clicks of the mouse!

An ambitious target has been set which will hopefully tick away until the middle of January. Donations of any amount of money can be made with regular updates posted on the Players’ Fund Social media pages.

May we invite you to watch a video especially made to tell Lifa’s story – visit the Players’ Fund Facebook page and be sure to pledge your support for Lifa and the other courageous recipients of the Players’ Fund by donating to the campaign on Thundafund!