The Players’ Fund Project Hero sponsored by Canon SA is a visual documentary of five inspiring South African rugby players whose lives were changed by serious injuries on the field while playing at different levels of the game. Canon SA has extended funding support for the project in 2019 and will sponsor camera and video equipment for filming. Players’ stories will be captured by well-known photographer Nardus Engelbrecht and acclaimed videographer Halden Krog.

“With the Rugby World Cup dominating 2019, Canon SA believes The Players’ Fund Project Hero is an ideal opportunity to help create awareness for these unsung rugby heroes, to bring their inspiring stories into the spotlight,” says Dana Eitzen, Corporate and Marketing Communications Executive at Canon SA.

Gail Baerecke, General Manager from the Players’ Fund, adds: “South African rugby players and supporters need to see, understand and feel these heroes’ stories. Project Hero captures the work of the Players’ Fund in a visual narrative that tells the stories of five rugby players, from very different backgrounds, whose lives were altered by serious injury. The images and videos depict hope, dignity and the strength of the human spirit which will encourage other injured players and represent Rugby’s Caring Hands and what it stands for.”

These former rugby players, spanning all levels of the game, were injured during their sporting careers and now have an opportunity to share their highest and lowest moments — to help raise the spirits of those in similar situations.

Shooting of their stories started in 2018 and will be released throughout 2019.

The five former rugby players who volunteered to share their stories include:

If you are involved with or know of any exhibition space where this might be a fitting feature in a Rugby World Cup year, please contact Tori Gardner at or on (021) 659 5615.

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