The Players’ Fund is the first to hear of traumatic injuries through the BokSmart (Nations Rugby Safety Programme) reporting process. Following the on-field care, we assess the immediate needs of the individual and their family and step in to assist with these where necessary. If mobility equipment is needed, we purchases the essentials, which might include any of the following, with extraordinary requests also considered:

  • an electric wheelchair
  • a back-up manual wheelchair
  • pressure relieving cushions and mattresses
  • hospital beds
  • hoists
  • shower commodes
  • medical consumables

The maintenance of mobility equipment is often a significant financial strain on the families, so we ensure that all equipment purchased by the Fund is in good working order, with regular services and upgrades if and when necessary.

The Fund is also involved in efforts to make rugby safer, to prevent similar injuries from happening again. This is done through a joint initiative with SA Rugby. BokSmart is the National Rugby Safety programme which creates awareness of rugby injuries and educates coaches and referees on rugby safety to ensure that seriously injured players are looked after as effectively as possible on the field to reduce long-term injury. 

Thank you to all our sponsors & partner organisations!