Furlo Theron

Injured: 2 July 2016 at the age of 30 while playing for Abbotsdale Rugby club at a match in St Helena Bay in the Western Cape. Furlo currently lives with his family in Abbotsdale and is an avid Sharks supporter. Despite only having been at home for a week Furlo...

Kalib Missoe

Injured : 29 April 2015 at the age of 16. Kalib was playing for HTS Belville when he sustained a head injury. He is currently back at school and living with his mother.

Franklin Prins

Injured:12 September 2012, aged 34, while playing for Obiqua Prison. He now lives in Macassar in the Western Cape.

Heinrich “Ollie” Terblanche

Injured: 24 January 2015, aged 20, while playing for South West Districts. He currently lives George with his wife Chanel whom he married in 2017. “I am Heinrich Terblanche, better known as Ollie. I’ve played provincial rugby in South Africa and New Zealand.  My...

Ryan Reaper

Injured: 22 May 2015, aged 21, while playing for Villagers – Shabeen Boys. He lives in Llandudno in the Western Cape.